"Access to nourishing plant-based food is a human right."
Maggie Baird
Support + Feed started in Los Angeles and has expanded to Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Hampton Roads, and Washington D.C. We’ve also had a presence in another 30 cities globally, including the UK, the EU and Australia.
Our focus is to have a footprint in cities that are most impacted by food insecurity and climate change.

Community Impact

“Shepherd’s Table seeks to provide meals of the highest quality: prepared by professional chefs with fresh and organic produce. When we receive a meal from Support + Feed, we can be confident we’re serving something delicious and sustainable that’s good for people and good for the environment!”
Shepherd’s Table
“Support + Feed gave Housing Up families a unique opportunity to be introduced to the healthy, sustainable, and delicious world of plant-based meals. Through their meal donation program we now have dozens of children who see plant-based food as enjoyable and will undoubtedly grow up including plant-based meals in their regular diet.”
Dillon Ficca - Housing Up