Thank you!
For taking the plant-based pledge
If you still haven’t taken the 1 plant-based meal a day for 30 days pledge, text 323-622-7171 to sign up!
"We got you"
Here are a few quick and simple, but crazy good recipes to get you started!
Wicked Kitchen™ is on a mission to change the food system by inspiring the world to eat more plants.
it’s all about doing something good for the planet, for the animals, and for yourself!
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"plant-based is not the end all solution to climate change, but there is no solution to climate change without plant-based."

"Change starts here" bracelet

made out of billie's deadstock, we show the power of "we" through the pledge bracelet.

Together we can change the world and by wearing this diy bracelet we see in each other a community of optimists that will work towards saving our planet.
swapping conventional meat for plant-based meat reduces environmental impacts

101 resources

“75% of agricultural land is used for raising and feeding livestock.”